Video Gallery

Standing On One Leg, Joe Goode Annex, San Francisco, CA September 2014              Dancers: Janet Das, Deborah Karp, Mo Miner                                                                           Music: Robert Lopez                                                                                                                   Lighting Design: Delayne Medoff                                                                                       Costumes: Emma Jaster                                                                                                               Video: Loren Robertson Productions

Streaming Mountain TAC: Temescal Art Center, Oakland, CA June 2013 (Excerpt) Dancers: Hallie Dalsimer, Janet Das, Brittany Delany, Romina Rodriguez-Crosta                   Video: Les Stuck

This House, Green Space, New York, April 2011 (Excerpt)                                                        Dancers: Lea Fulton, Erin Sylvester

Fly With Me, Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY March 2011 (Excerpt)                                           Dancer: Deborah Karp


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